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Employee of the Month - September 2019

For the month of September we have chosen our employees of the month at each site.
“We just wanted to let you know that having you on our team makes all the difference. Thanks for all you do.”
Bautista Creek

Jennifer Valdez has been chosen for Bautista Creek Elementary School for September's employee of the month. Jennifer is punctual, ready to work  and always prepared. She plans great activities that the kids really enjoy and listen to their input. She is up for trying new projects, clubs and sports.


"She always has that “go-getter” attitude and I admire that. She is an amazing second in charge and I feel confident that when I am gone the program is being run smooth. I appreciate all the hard work she does for this program and am so happy to have her as a CAS! YOU ROCK JEN! " - Jordyn Heier

Jody Helter has been chosen for September's employee of the month for many reasons. Jody is one of the hardest working employees a Site Facilitator can ever ask for. She puts countless hours planning to make her class educational and fun. Teachers and parents praise the work that she does for the students. The kids love her class and are always engaged with all the wonderful clubs and creative ideas.
"Jody is my second in charge, and has taken on FNL and training at Cawston. She is  organized, a team player, and a pleasure to work with. Jody you are so much appreciated!!!!!! " - Raquel Herbranson
Cottonwood K-8
Kristyna Martin has been chosen for September’s Employee of The Month.  Ms. Kristy has been someone to rely on to step-up and help without even having to ask.  Being a mountain school, she has really helped tremendously by dropping off and picking up equipment and paperwork from Hemet. She has a real rapport with her students, she takes time to get to know their individual personalities and find a way to connect with each of them.  She has truly put her heart into her adopted students. She makes sure she checks in on them everyday, and always has a positive attitude. She truly deserves to be recognized for all of her efforts!  She truly helps make our program her at Cottonwood spectacular!
"I am truly grateful to have Ms. Kristy on my team!" - Laura Hafner
Jataya Randall has been chosen for September's Employee Of The Month. Jataya has been the team's rock here at Dartmouth. Jataya can be counted on to keep our site safe. She makes sure ALL students are focused on their homework and that it is accurate. She keeps high expectations for all our students and our students are excelling because of her. Besides all the energy she brings everyday, and creativity. She deserves such a title! 
Rebecca Beltran has been chosen for September's employee of the month. She came to Fruitvale as a sub but has shown such amazing effort to work with our kids. She has one of our toughest grades but has not let that keep her from putting her best foot forward. She gives students nicknames and finds out the things they are interested in. She takes direction and rolls with it and is very flexible when we need to change up the plans. I am very grateful to have a sub like her! 
Hamilton K-8
Christy Rozanski has been chosen for September's employee of the month because she is an outstanding CAS.  She is dependable, dedicated and is always looking for ways to amplify and improve our program.  Christy creates an environment of enthusiasm for learning. She anticipates the needs of our entire program; from student to staff needs. She often spends her personal time researching and preparing activities for our kids.  She cares deeply for her students and it shows when the students speak of Christy. Christy is our lone ZONE CAS, and the students truly enjoy her participation and delivery of activities. One of her eighth grade students told his mother all he wants for his birthday is to stay at our program until we close at 6:00.  I spoke with a former student of Christy’s that is in tenth grade now. This student said she wanted to come back to program and just stay forever.
" I have great confidence in her as my second in charge. I am proud to have her on our team and delighted to hear positive comments from her students." - Teresa Haeckel 
“I loved the meditation it was so relaxing, I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!!!” - 6th Grade Student
Marlene Saucedo has been chosen for September's Employee Of The Month. Marlene is the BEST. She is Mrs. Terri's second in charge and when she is not there, students are in good hands. Marlene is dedicated to her job and the students mean the world to her. Marlene is so creative with her clubs and is currently in charge of FNL. Marlene also takes care of the Kinders before school lets out and then takes on Kinders and First grade for her class. She is ONE OF A KIND!!
"Teachers have come to me and stated what a great job Marlene is doing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Marlene!!" - Terri Holland
Hemet Elementary
Soleya Figueroa has been chosen for September's employee of the month, she has been working very hard with our TK, KG and 1st grade students. She is willing to work with each student and making them feel loved and cared for. Her art activities are creative and fun! I appreciate all her hard work, flexibility, and all of her support. She is fun and sweet, surely her students agree so much they don’t want to go home, but want to be with her! Thank you Soleya for being there for our SAFE scholars and team.
Gennesse Sandlin has been chosen for September's Employee of the Month. Gennesse has amazing creative ideas to encourage the K-2 students in reading. She is also putting together a Wallball Club for the SAFE Program students for the next rotation of clubs. Gennesse has lots of innovative ideas that she brings to the program and she embraces the children who struggle with a positive attitude. Thank you for being part of our TEAM!  
Jacob Wiens
Griselda Alvarez has been chosen for September's Employee of the Month. Griselda has always had an amazing heart towards her students and families. Just watching her inspires the team to be more open and sentimental with the possibility that not everything is black and white. Griselda talks with parents and advocates for students who have had behavioral issues and have witnessed such progress and trust built. We have seen parents change their attitude and perception all because of Griselda’s heart transmitting into theirs.  She truly has a gift in caring and making others feel welcomed and deserved. She is not just a great worker but she is a one of a kind person. Jacob Wiens inherited a jewel of a CAS and we are blessed to have her working with our students and families.
Delena Cutter has been chosen for September's employee of the month. She has not missed a day since school has started and also taken on kindergarten students with a smile and dedication that is wonderful to see. Delana has volunteered her time to help with the Six Flags trip coming up for FNL. In addition, she has also ran a fantastic dance club with the younger kids and has them completely engaged with the choreography. She is well deserving of these honors!
"A great employee is like a four leaf clover. Hard to find and lucky to have!" - Geronimo Saenz
Alyssa Romo has been chosen for September's employee of the month. Alyssa goes above with her kids and it shows. These past six weeks she has been a sport champ and this set of six weeks she is proposing a different type of club for the students and we are excited to see what she pulls off. 
Valle Vista
Ms. Maricela Wheeler has been chosen for September's Employee of the month. Ms. Mari has a HUGE class of Kinders and 1st grade. Everyday she is patient and ready to tackle whatever comes her way.. She always plans very fun activities for the kids. She also comes up with super cool activities for Lego club.
"I am so happy to have her here at Valle Vista and appreciate her dedication to our program! Thank you Ms. Mari and Congratulations!" - Ms. Karie
Kim Rendon has been chosen for September's employee of the month. She has really stepped up her game. She has taken over FNL and has done a great job with getting students involved. She is always early and does a great job with her schedule and puts forth maximum effort each day.
"Thank you for all that you do for us Kim." - Tim Nadel
Karen Brodeur has been chosen for September's employee of the month. She has been creative with her schedule and made the engineering clubs activities engaging for her students! Karen had the students Build various types of rockets and the second grade class absolutely loved it!
"I appreciate having Karen as a sub! Thank you Karen for all that you do for the Winchester kids & SAFE program!" - Breanna Harwood