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Employee of the Month - November 2019

For the month of November we have chosen our employees of the month at each site.
“The key to success is not through achievement but through entusiasm."


Angel Serna has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month. Angel is an asset to Acacia's team. He is very good with students and they just love having him. Angel always has a very positive attitude and always has a smile on his face. The Kids loved it when we told them that Angel used to be one of them, and now he is here working. He's a GREAT person and the world needs more Angels!
"I love the fact that he was in my program for 3 years and now he is here working for the program!" - Judy Sullivan
Bautista Creek

Eustolia Gonzalez has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Eustolia is always on time and ready to work. She has fit in well here and we are so sad to see her go but so proud/happy for her and this new opportunity. She has such a great attitude when it comes to work and the kids really love having her here. She is always up for taking on new tasks and clubs. These are the reasons why Eustolia has been nominated for Employee of the Month for November.


"She is my go to when we are down staff as she is very flexible and can still run a successful club even with extra kiddos!" - Jordyn Heier

Cottonwood K-8
Roxana Urias has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Roxana has grown so much since starting with Cottonwood this Fall. She is welcoming, soft spoken and kind with our youngest students. Roxana is so artistically talented, and she uses that talent to create engaging, age appropriate activities that the students genuinely enjoy. Roxana is the kind of person where talking and working with children just comes naturally, and the children respond positively to her. Roxana is such a vital member to our Cottonwood team and our program would not be the same without her!
Moncerra Sotelo has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Moncerra has done such an amazing job with Club Live. In the beginning of the year she was hesitant because this was he first time being an adviser. She has tackled this club with flying colors and has bonded with our students. Moncerra has guided out students in events that have turned out successful.
"Moncerra has really blossomed and I appreciate her!" - Tamara Coronel
Leilani Martinez has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Leilani has really blossomed at Fruitvale and is a joy to be around. She picks challenging yet fun clubs and works hard to make sure she has everything prepped that she needs for her day. Her class is on task and engaged in whatever activity leaves her room much cleanre than she ever gets it and has stepped up to being someone that can be relied on to step in whenever anyone is out.
"I truly appreciate having Leilani as a part of my Fruitvale Staff!" - Ashley Parks
Hamilton K-8
Maryann Labs has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Maryann is an outstanding Classroom Activity Specialist! She is dependable, dedicated, and is always looking for ways to amplify and improve our program. She anticipates the needs of our entire program from student to staff needs. She often spends her personal time on researching and preparing activities for our students! Maryann is out Club Live Champion, and the students truly enjoy her delivery of activities. She always goes beyond her duties. Maryann and the Club Live Students raised over $200 at their Fall Festival booth. They also recruited over 50 students to attend the Magic Mountain trip this year! She creates an environment of enthusiasm for learning and encourages students to face challenges to help them become who they are.
Hemet Elementary
Zugheily Jimenez Perez has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Zugheily started this program not too long ago and has done excellent work with our students. She has had so much patience with each of the older grade students. Zugheily works one-on-one with them and understands that each student is different and they all have different needs. She wants the BEST for our students. She started Journal Club which allows students to write about their day and students like that, they know that someone cares about them and how their day is going.
"I truly appreciate her and all of the ideas and strategies she brings into the program. You can definitely tell that one of her many goals and hopes is to see each student succeed and improve their lives. You’re doing great Zugheily!" - Monse Wilkenson
Eric Stewart has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Erin has worked hard and strives to put together awesome clubs and has the kids working together. Erin continues to have great attendance and steps up when the day changes suddenly. She got some of our tougher students to sing out loud in front of a live audience and performs solos in her singing club. Erin continues to set the bar to a high level and it shows everyday.
"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well!" - Geronimo Saenz
 Chrstie Grout has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Christie has grown since her starting here at Ramona she has been helping with the basketball game practices and will be the champion for soccer.
"I look forward to seeing the progress she makes!" - Melissa Phillips
Valle Vista
Tanya Gonzalez has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! Tanya has been a permanent sub for us for quite a while now. She puts one hundred percent into every club she does and consistently comes up with new ideas for the kids to do or make. She is easy going, fun to work with, and is always up to make people laugh! Tahnk you Tanya for being such a team player and for subbing for us for as long as you have! You are the best!
Victoria Boe has been chosen for November's Employee of the Month! she has become an asset to the Winchester team and the kinders love being in her class! Victoria is always seeking ways to improve and finding fun & creative activities to do with our students!