Employee of the Month - December 2019

For the month of December we have chosen our employees of the month at each site.
Congratulations to all December Winners!
Michelle Johnston has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Michelle Johnston is a new employee to the program and has shown that she is able to help with others, as well as, making sure that her classroom needs are met. She is a dedicated employee.
"Michelle is an awesome person to have on my staff and gets along with other staff members." - Raquel Herbranson - Site Facilitator
Cottonwood K-8
Roxana Urias has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Roxana has really embraced the SAFE Program and our students at Cottonwood. She takes the time to get to know each student's personally, and tailors her approach to their relationship accordingly. One of our goals this year has been to develop those relationships with students. Roxana has done just that. Whether it is helping a student with a difficult homework assignment or helping one of our kindergarten students build Lego towers. She is a stellar example of what we are trying to achieve with our Social Emotional Learning goals, and we are very luck to have her on our team.
Moncerra Sotelo has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Moncerra has grown so much this past year into such a strong and confident CAS/Leader. Taking on any club and doing so with such positivity and enthusiasm. She has done an amazing job leading our students in completing our pinata. Her leadership skills show success with her ending results. She deserves this title once again because she has worked so hard in leading multiple clubs and being successful. We couldn't ask for more!
Samantha Salas has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Samantha came witha  great attitude, took on one of the toughest groups and has been working hard everyday to keep them controlled and engaged. She thinks outside the box with her activities, preps them properly, and every day pushes to be even better than the day before. Her level of patience is amazing.
"She truly is a fantastic person to be around and definitely deserves to be an employee of the month. Keep growing and learning!" - Ashley Parks - Site Facilitator
Hamilton K-8
Christy Rozanski has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! She is a star on our team who shines and inspires us every single day. Every idea shared and every opportunity seized by Christy helps us reach the fruit at the top of the tree. She is someone who dedicates themselves to our program/students wholeheartedly. We value your presence and are proud of you.
Eustolia Gonzalez has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Eustolia left us for a while and we are very excited to have her back on the team! Eustolia goes beyond the call of duty. Eustolia has developed a relationship with the students in her class where we have noticed a difference in behavior. Eustolia is our basketball club champion and is having a ball with the students. Eustolia is very passionate about her job.
"I want to thank you for being a part of the team and keep up the good work!! Eustolia Gonzalez YOU ROCK!!" - Terri Holland - Site Facilitator
Hemet Elementary
Perri McNeil has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! She goes above and beyond for the students and the program. All of her activities are very detailed, organized, and well planned out. We appreciate all of her ideas and her years of experience with teaching! Thank you for being caring to each student and for teaching them to strive to succeed every day. The students appreciate all of your activities and they express how much fun they are! Thank you for all your support and hard work!
Jacob Wiens
Edna Saucedo, Stephanie Castronouva, Alondra Payes, Alexis Saldivar, and Tanya Escalante have been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Anyone can care, but their actions do not speak the same as words. They are perfect examples of hard work and excellent team members. Thank you for supporting the program and Griselda as the new Site Facilitator. Everyday's a new opportunity to make things better.
Natasha Candler has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Natasha has been working hard all year long and her dedication and motivation has shown through her clubs and work ethic. Natasha has challenged herself with new duties and responsibilities for the upcoming eyar. Natasha is well deserving of these honors and it shows in her work everyday!
"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it!" - Geronimo Saenz - Site Facilitator
 Vanessa Herrera has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Vanessa has taken on challenges of putting together a club the students have been asking for and we are excited to see them practice each club section. We can't wait to see what they come up with for the soccer game we are hosting. The smiles We see on the students' faces and how they talk about Vanessa show how much she cares about them. That is why she is being nominated for Ramona's employee of the month!
Valle Vista
Cheryl Tudyk has been chosen for December's Employee of the Month! Cheryl is a team player, very friendly, and always willing to lend a hand to her fellow CAS's or students. She comes to work daily with a positive attitude and is eager to start her day! She genuinely cares about every student at SAFE and makes a daily effort to connect with the students here at Valle Vista. Thank you Cheryl for your dedication to our program and kids!