Employee of the Month - January 2020

For the month of January we have chosen our employees of the month at each site.
Congratulations to all January Winners!
Cottonwood K-8
Veronica Caperon has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! We owe her a tremendous thank you for coming back to our Cottonwood Team. Veronica always has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, making her a valuable contributing member to our team. We are really looking forward to the dishes Veronica selected for our historical cooking club! Out first era is The Great Depression. Veronica has stepped up to take over the Soccer Club and has really put in the time with our team to improve their skills and strategies. Thank you Veronica for stepping up when we needed you!
Josh Musgraves has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Josh deserves employee of the month for many reasons. Students ehre missed him very much. He is an outstanding role model for the program, especially our sports students. He challenges and encourages our students daily. He is polite, friendly, professional, and very assertive. Which creates a thriving atmosphere for all students he comes into contact with.
Leilani Martinez has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Leilani has really blossomed here and it shows. The kids respond great to her and she is firm but fair. She keeps her areas clean as well as even picking up after others. She doesn't complain when we have to mix things up or are down a staff for the day. She helps whenever she is needed and always has a great attitude about it. She also has been putting a lot of her own time and money into her clubs and into creating a cheer team for our footballers. She really has earned it!
Hamilton K-8
Christy Rozanski has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! She is a star on our team who shines and inspires us every single day. When our numbers started to drop, she stepped up and made it her personal mission to recruit new students. Christy used incentives for her current students and invite new students to our program. We have enrolled several new students as a direct result of her efforts. Every idea shared and every opportunity seized by Christy helps us reach the fruit at the top of the tree. She is someone who dedicates themselves to our program/students wholeheartedly. We value your presence and are proud of you.
Hemet Elementary
Brittany Avalos has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Brittany is new to Hemet Elementary SAFE and she has truly been working hard with the students in getting to know them. We appreciate her eagerness and willingness to accept new challenges! Thank you for all your hard work, coming early and prepping the activities for the students You're AWESOME!!!
"The students are getting to know you better everyday and appreciate you Mrs. Brittany! Mad Science club looks really fun! We can see the students like it and are engaged!" - Monse Wilkinson - Site Facilitator
Natasha Candler has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Natasha has continuously made efforts to step up and take on second in command duties due to other circumstances. Natasha has run a solid club all month and has her kids ready for the big ending event. She has had great attendance, strives to do her job great, and makes our site looking premiere all year long. Great Job!
"Some people make the world special just by being in it. " - Geronimo Saenz - Site Facilitator
 Frances Lopez has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Frances has done an amazing job getting the pinata done for The Family Festival. She rotated all the students in so they all had a hand in making a photo album. Frances is willing to help out when she sees something needing to get done and isn't afraid to speak up to others when porblems need arise so we can make changes. That's why she is the second in charge and the employee of the month. Thank you Ms Frances. We truly appreciate you!
Valle Vista
Mari Wheeler has been chosen for January's Employee of the Month! Mari worked hard this month on creating a family pinata for the District Event. She not only thought hard about what to make to incorporate that family feeling, she put extra love into it too. She also has been putting a lot of work into her clubs so that the kids have a blast with whatever they are making and creating. Mari, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students here at Valle Vista. You are truly STELLAR!