March Enrichment Clubs Application & Information

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You may view the clubs that we are offering for March below
March Clubs
3:15 - 4:00 PM 4:15 - 5:00 PM
March Madness Variety Club
Join the Madness, "As we are all a little mad here." Our club invites you to join us for month-long game nights, art, imagination, dance, karaoke, and a handful of surprises. Themed weeks of Alice in wonderland, dr. Suess, and Tim Burton. Join the madness and have some fun!!!!
All ages are welcomed.
March Craftness
All things spring!!! Springtime arts and crafts
All Ages are welcome
ASL (Beginners and Advanced)
Our ASL beginners class will go over all ASL basics, letters, colors, animals, phrases, and more. Our ASL advanced class will have the students utilize what they learned in beginners and put together sentences. They will also learn longer phrases and communicate with one another through sign.
ASL club is geared towards students 1st grade and up.
Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies
We will learn about gardening and make some fun art crafts! Self-care is our motto, and we will also break a sweat and help you guys grow a strong healthy body, join us for a variety of fun activities
All ages are welcome.
Disney 2.0 
Please come and join us if you share the love for Disney as we do. We will be doing some fun art projects, Disney fun facts, virtual tours and even going on rides through your very own computer screen. We will be diving in deep into 8 of the Disney movies, learning about the characters, the setting, the plot, and more. It's all about Disney here and we hope that you want to share the magic with us.
All ages are welcome.
Cool Clever Cooks
We are going to create some cool clever snacks 3 times a week, learn about kitchen safety and children cook shows, crafts and activities!! We will have 1 dinner meal a week that you can cook with family. A great bonding experience.
Geared towards 2nd-8th grade students
Spanishology Club
Blast To The Past - Spanish Club. Let's travel to the past and let's begin with the basics! ABC'S and 123's it will allow students to learn and review while traveling back in time. We will travel back to the 1500s and become Spanish Sheriffs! Or let's design our own 1950's luxury cars. Join us and be part of this groovy adventure!!! We'll be working on common words and phrases with fun and creative activities using slides for a more visual understanding, that will help to put you on the path of good practice of verbs and learning definitions and how to conjugate common verbs, and to add a little fun, some, Spring crafts!
Scholars from K - 8th grade.
Coding Club 101
Students will work on Scratch and They will create games/stories/art while understanding the concepts of block coding
(Geared towards 3rd-8th grade students beginners-intermediate)
EV3 Lego Coding Club
The Introduction to Programming EV3 Curriculum is a curriculum module designed to teach core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using a robotics engineering context. It contains a sequence of 10 projects (plus one capstone challenge) organized around key robotics and programming concepts.
(Geared for 4-8th grade students)
Crowned Empowerment
Crowned Empowerment- Crowned Empowerment membership will be offered to 4th and 8th-grade students throughout Hemet Unified School District. ❖ The focus is on students of African American and Hispanic heritage. Listen to guest speakers and participate in activities.
(Geared towards 4-8th grade students)