April Enrichment Club Application & Information

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You may view the clubs that we are offering for April below
April Clubs
3:15 - 4:00 PM 4:15 - 5:00 PM
Spring Fling Variety Club
Join us as the season's change. Our club will have art projects, games, imagination, growing plants, and a few extra hidden surprises.
All ages are welcomed.
Advanced Drawing
We are ready to take our drawings to the next level!!! We will be learning "How To Draw Cool Stuff"
All Ages are welcome
ASL (Beginners and Advanced)
Our ASL beginners class will go over all ASL basics, letters, colors, animals, phrases, and more. Our ASL advanced class will have the students utilize what they learned in beginners and put together sentences. They will also learn longer phrases and communicate with one another through sign.
ASL club is geared towards students 1st grade and up.
Amazing Active Minds
For our club, we are doing a variety clubs focusing on our physical and mental health. We are going to learn yoga, work on our fitness, and create some amazing arts and crafts! We will also learn some fun self-care tips come to join our club for some fun! For grades 3-8th.
Geared towards 3rd-8th grade students
Animals Among Us
Come join us and explore the lands of Australia and Florida as well as the waters of the Arctic. We will be learning different facts about each animal. However "Among Us" there will be an imposter. You will need to keep track of your facts and vote out the one that does not belong each week. Within the club, we will also be doing projects and watching live videos of the different animals. Join us and have fun finding along the way.
All ages are welcome.
Cool Clever Cooks
We are going to create some cool clever snacks 3 times a week, learn about kitchen safety and children cook shows, crafts and activities!! We will have 1 dinner meal a week that you can cook with family. A great bonding experience.
Geared towards 2nd-8th grade students
Spanishology Club
Join us and discover all kinds of interesting insects and flowers! ( Spanish1) A Bug's Life and (Spanish2) Stop and Smell the Flowers. (Spanish1): Is geared toward K-3rd grade. We will learn about direct and indirect pronouns such as el or la. This will help students identify personal pronouns and object pronouns. What a better way to learn pronouns than with insects! (Spanish2): Invites you to Stop and Smell the Flowers cater to 4th-8th grade. This class will work on pronouns and adjectives by adding students to describe different flowers and insects. Don't miss this opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way! Both classes will also include some spring crafts.
Scholars from K - 8th grade.
Coding Club 101
Coding- Students will work on Scratch and Code.org. They will create games/stories/art while understanding the concepts of block coding
(Geared towards 3rd-8th grade students beginners-intermediate)
EV3 Lego Coding Club
The Introduction to Programming EV3 Curriculum is a curriculum module designed to teach core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using a robotics engineering context. It contains a sequence of 10 projects (plus one capstone challenge) organized around key robotics and programming concepts.
(Geared for 4-8th grade students)
Spring Fling Variety Club
Join us as the season's change. Our club will have art projects, games, imagination, growing plants, and a few extra hidden surprises.
All ages are welcomed.
Crowned Empowerment
Crowned Empowerment- A Cultural Enrichment & Leadership program for students of color. All are welcome! It will be offered to 4th and 8th grade students throughout Hemet Unified School District. Guest speakers, presentations, Movies, Group discussions, Art, Crafts & More.
(Geared towards 4-8th grade students)
STEAM Like a Girl
The Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering Art, and Math) like a Girl April Enrichment class will encourage young women to be “brave, creative, and curious.” We will seek to enhance and add to girls’ science learning in the classroom through engaging activities that introduce important STEAM concepts in a hands-on and informal environment. Fun daily experiments, craft projects, and lessons to engage your brain and teach engineering, art, multiple sciences, and more.
Activities: Marble Wall Run, Cotton Ball Launcher, Popsicle Stick Trinket Box, Mario Pixelated Picture, Robotic Hand, Spectroscope, Origami Bunny, Crystal Garden, Stained Glass Suncatcher, Bulging Hearts