The SAFE & ZONE Expanded Learning Program

The SAFE & ZONE After School Program focuses on Academic Enrichment, Tutoring, Student Engagement, Social-Emotional Learning, and Leadership. We work with Hemet Unified School District to provide an engaging and resourceful environment where we strive for success for Kindergarten through 8th grade Hemet Unified School District Students!

Core examples of how we achieve this would be:
Online Enrichment - We offer clubs that catch our student's interest where we focus on leadership, physical fitness, academic enrichment, cooking, and basic life skills for our students!
Online Tutoring - Online tutoring available for all K-8th grade students that is available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Creative Cooking - The SAFE & ZONE Expanded Learning Program teams up with Hemet Unified School District's Nutrition Services to provide all K-12th Grade Students with the opportunity to learn cooking skills that they can take with them for their entire life!


SEL Lounge - The Student Engagement Lounge is a service that we provide for our K-8th grade students to engage in fun and academic activities. This is where students come to get away from all of their daily stress and to just have fun with one another!